Lockdown news Kerala

Kerala to impose total lockdown on Jan 23, 30, online classes for all students from Friday

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government has decided to impose total lockdown on the next two Sundays in view of the surge in COVID-19 cases. Complete lockdown will be in place on January 23 and 30 in the state. A decision regarding this was taken in the COVID-19 review meeting held here on Thursday.

Lockdown news Kerala
Lockdown news Kerala

Only essential services will be allowed during the lockdown. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 review meeting also decided to shut all schools across the state. With this, only online classes will be held from Friday onwards. Earlier, the government announced that schools will be partially closed and online classes will be held for students in Classes 1 to 9. But, now it is confirmed that only online classes will be held for all students including those in classes 10, 11 and 12.

As per reports, no night curfew will be imposed in the states. Restrictions will be imposed as per the spread of the disease in districts.  District collectors are allowed to take decisions on restrictions.

Women employees who have kids below 2 years, cancer patients, others suffering from serious ailments at government and private offices will be allowed to work from home. They must produce the certificate of a doctor.

All commercial institutions, malls, beaches, theme parks and other tourist spots must strictly follow COVID protocol to avoid crowding. Sanitiser should be provided at a prescribed distance in these places.

Restrictions will be imposed in districts after examining the number of COVID-19 patients admitted to hospitals. The health department has been asked to file a report regarding this to the district disaster management authority every Thursday. Based on this, the disaster management authority will classify the district as A, B, C. This classification will be announced on all Fridays.

In places that fall under the A category, only 50 people will be allowed in all social, cultural, religious, political and public programmes, weddings and funerals.

In the B category, only 20 people are allowed in wedding and funeral ceremonies. No social, cultural, religious, political or public programmes will be permitted. Religious offerings must be held online.

In the C category, a complete ban will be in place for social, cultural, religious, political and public programmes. Religious ceremonies like offerings and prayers must be held online. Only 20 people will be allowed for wedding and funeral ceremonies. Operation of film theatres, swimming pools and gyms will not be allowed.

All classes except final year classes of PG and degree course, standards 10 and 12 must switch online. As per the government order, offline classes at tuition centres will not be permitted. This rule will not be applicable for residential educational institutions which function in a bio-bubble manner.

According to the present data, Ernakulam, Alappuzha and Kollam districts are identified in the ‘A’ category. Palakkad, Idukki, Thiruvananthapuram, Pathanamthitta and Wayanad are listed as ‘B’ category. No district is added to the ‘C’ category’.

तिरुवनंतपुरम: केरल सरकार ने COVID-19 मामलों में वृद्धि को देखते हुए अगले दो रविवार को पूर्ण तालाबंदी करने का फैसला किया है। राज्य में 23 और 30 जनवरी को पूर्ण रूप से लॉकडाउन रहेगा। गुरुवार को यहां हुई कोविड-19 समीक्षा बैठक में इस संबंध में निर्णय लिया गया।

लॉकडाउन के दौरान केवल आवश्यक सेवाओं को ही अनुमति दी जाएगी। इस बीच, COVID-19 समीक्षा बैठक ने राज्य भर के सभी स्कूलों को बंद करने का भी फैसला किया। इसके साथ ही शुक्रवार से सिर्फ ऑनलाइन क्लासेज होंगी। इससे पहले, सरकार ने घोषणा की थी कि स्कूल आंशिक रूप से बंद रहेंगे और कक्षा 1 से 9 तक के छात्रों के लिए ऑनलाइन कक्षाएं आयोजित की जाएंगी। लेकिन, अब यह पुष्टि हो गई है कि कक्षा 10, 11 और 12 के छात्रों सहित सभी छात्रों के लिए केवल ऑनलाइन कक्षाएं आयोजित की जाएंगी। .

रिपोर्टों के अनुसार, राज्यों में कोई रात का कर्फ्यू नहीं लगाया जाएगा। जिलों में बीमारी के प्रसार के अनुसार प्रतिबंध लगाए जाएंगे। जिला कलेक्टरों को प्रतिबंधों पर निर्णय लेने की अनुमति है।

जिन महिला कर्मचारियों के 2 साल से कम उम्र के बच्चे हैं, कैंसर के मरीज, सरकारी और निजी कार्यालयों में गंभीर बीमारियों से पीड़ित अन्य लोगों को घर से काम करने की अनुमति होगी। उन्हें डॉक्टर का सर्टिफिकेट दिखाना होगा। 

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